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~*~ Reviews & Meta (manganime + music)

As you may have noticed if you're based in those aspects of the fandom, so far this community only has a couple of link posts in regards to the RoV manga/anime and the music of the series. Personally I'm mainly educated out in the musical(s) canon which does explain the giganormous Takarazuka introduction post. However, I know that most fans are more engaged in the anime and manga and therefore I would like to ask if anyone would be interested in writing meta on the anime and/or manga - or perhaps even reviews of some of the various chapters/episodes? An in-depth review of the soundtrack would probably also be fascinating to read!

Well, if any of you would be interested in writing something like the above-mentioned, please comment to this post and we could have a chat about the details of your idea(s). It doesn't have to be big projects, mind you - some thoughts (or mere squeeing) on a single episode/chapter or a personal interpretation of a certain song would also be more than welcome.

And, again, if you need help to get started or someone to urge you on, the mods are here for that same reason. :)

- S.

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~*~ Welcome, welcome, welcome

The good part of a week has passed since I announced the launch of rov_regular, so now I would like to welcome all you wonderful new members and ask you to go crazy with activity. As already said, the first icon challenge has been moved into position and at the end of this month, a post will go up reminding people to post their submissions in due time.

The newsletter has also been kicked into action, although only in the form of "The OLD Newsletter" so far. Please don't hesitate in sharing all your links to old fan material in the comments to that post - whether they're from LiveJournal sources or sites outside LJ. The NEW newsletter will see the light of day for the first time on the 1st of May - and we already have a scout to be on the look-out for cosplay entries!

Nevertheless, we still need scouts in the following categories: fanfic, fanart and icons/graphics. No worries, signing up to be a scout doesn't require any experience whatsoever and really isn't high maintainance. You only have to check category related sites ( for fanfic, for fanart and the beru_bara community for icons, for example) every now and then throughout the month and - if and when finding fandom goodies - save links to the relevant material. We, the mods, will do everything we can to assist the scouts, of course; either in introducing them to the work methods, in case of doubt, or to evaluate the material they find, should they be uncertain of the relevance. So, everyone, please consider it! It's not a big job to undertake, but it makes the moderation of the newsletter so much easier for ois3au_vivant & myself. :)

May will also be the month where we post the first fanfiction challenge to the community. If you have any prompts you would like to see used for future fanfiction challenges, you can post them here. All comments are screened, to ensure the moment of surprise. Prompts can be anything from a word, an image or a concept to a sentence, lyrics or a music video. It's entirely up to you!

Speaking of which, the rules for the fanfiction challenge have been posted in the above-mentioned entry too - in good time for people to prepare for the upcoming monthly event. Members are asked to make themselves familiar with all community rules, especially in regards to activities they are participating in.

In the wake of the fanfiction challenge next month, we will also begin running our bi-weekly meta discussions which will take place as following:

- the mods post an entry where the subject of the discussion is announced

- all members are free to discuss the announced subject in the comments

- commenters are asked, within reason, to stay on track

- if anyone feels like writing more elaborate meta posts on the subject,
they are welcome to post it in its own entry to beru_bara
or their private journal (not friends-locked) and link to it in the comments

- in thus case, the proper use of LJ-cuts is enforced

- all users are asked to maintain a polite and respectful tone

- if the required netiquette isn't met,
the mods will delete comments and/or ban members from participating
in accordance to a three-strike-out approach

When April draws nearer to its end, one of the mods will put up an entry, where a collection of characters, canon and historical contexts will be listed to show community members what subjects will be up for discussion in the future. If any of you have suggestions to additional subject matters, you can comment to that post. Thank you! :)

Once the first icon challenge has ended, ois3au_vivant and I will make and post tutorials for GIMP (an image editing software like Photoshop, but free of charge), so that people who might be interested in making icons, but don't quite know where to start or who don't have Photoshop to work with have something to guide them through the basics. Like that, we hope to see many more graphic-makers participating in the RoV fandom! Because we all like nice, sparkling icons, right?

Last but not least, I would like everybody to advertise this community everywhere! On your personal journals, in communities where there are people who might be interested in joining, in memes and places like fandomsecrets, etc. Just spread the word. The more people are made aware of the fandom, the more people might find an interest in learning more about the canon. And RoV needs all the love it can get. ♥

- S.

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~*~ Fanfic Challenge FAQ

Fanfiction Challenge FAQ


The fanfic challenge is monthly and will, besides in special cases, be posted on the 1st of every month. The submission timeline is four weeks, with the last day of submission being the 30th or 31st. Only after the challenge of the following month has been posted, will the submissions of the finished one be put up for evaluation.

Unless otherwise specified, all canons of the franchise are welcome – manga, anime, musicals and movies. The minimum length of a submitted fanfic is 100 words and there is no maximum word count, as long as the entirety of the fic has been written within the one-month timeline. This means that no fanfictions that have been written prior to the posting of the challenge or have already been posted outside the communities of beru_bara and rov_regular can be submitted as a valid entry. Fanfic is to be posted to either the author’s own journal (not friends-locked) or beru_bara. When linking to the entry in submission comments, the following standard header is a requirement.

Title: Title of your fic. The fic can go by “untitled”, if you prefer.
Author: Your name or LJ name.
Canon: Anime/Manga/Musicals/Movie – a fic can fall under the category of multiple canons*, but crossovers* are only allowed if specified in the challenge.
Character(s)/Pairing(s): The main characters or pairings in your fic.
Rating: Which rating your fic is. This community goes by the MPAA rating system.
Warnings: All common warnings* should go here, if applicable.
Length: The wordcount of your fic. A general estimation such as 1000+ is allowed.
Summary: A one or two-sentence summary of your fic. Excerpts are allowed.

< a href = ”Link to your fic.” >Fake cut quote of choice. < /a >

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Questions or concerns? Comment to this entry. All comments are screened until replied to.

Have fun! ♥

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~*~ Icon Challenge #1

Icon Challenge #1

PROMPT : default community icon


The icon must incorporate the name of this community, rov_regular.

Posted five days in advance, this challenge will be open for submissions until the 1st of May.

Each user must submit a maximum of 3 icons.

Submissions should be given as image links in comments to this entry. All comments are screened.
Non-contestant comments, like questions, will be unscreened by the mods and answered as quickly as possible.

There will be only 1 winner of this challenge.

The winning icon will be determined by the largest amount of votes.

The winning icon will be used as the default icon for this community.

The general rule set for icon challenges can be found here.

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~*~ Icon Challenge FAQ

Icon Challenge FAQ


1. The icon challenge is bi-weekly and will, besides in special cases, be posted on the 2nd and 16th of every month. The submission timeline is two weeks, with the last day of submission being the 1st or the 15th. Only after the second challenge of the month has been posted, will the submissions of the first be put up for evaluation.

2. Unless otherwise specified, all canons of the franchise are welcome – manga, anime, musicals, movies and doujinshi. Fanart may be used for challenge icons if the art is by the icon maker themselves or if they have been granted written permission from the artist. This permission has to be sent in a PM to the community mods for the fanart icon to be accepted as a challenge submission.

3. Every icon challenge will have a prompt that may take various shapes. It can be an image, lyrics, a concept, a theme or a colour. In every case, it is up to the icon makers to interpret the prompt as they wish. However, note that the prompt has to be incorporated in the icon some way.

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Have fun! ♥

All general concerns and questions in regards to the icon challenge should be added as comments to this post. Thank you.

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~*~ The OLD Newsletter

The OLD Newsletter

Here is the space to collect all fan material that has been posted before the 1st of April 2011. To this entry, there will be a comment for each user-managed category (fanfic, fanart, icons/graphics, cosplay and relevant meta) and users are asked to comment with a link/cut to relevant material along with a short description. For those who do not know how to link to other sites, the following html code should be used. Thank you!

< a href = "your link goes here" > The description of the material goes here. </a>

Just delete the spaces and the code should work perfectly. :)

The name/LJ username of the maker, the canon (anime/manga/musicals/other), the length (if it’s fanfiction), the characters featured and warnings (if applicable) should be included in the description. No exceptions.

This entry will continue to be open for new comments, if fans in the future should find relevant material (on LJ or other sites) that they wish to make easily accessible. However, all material that is posted after the 1st of April 2011 should not be linked to in this post, but will be broadcast in the upcoming newsletters.

I have gone through the beru_bara from the first posts back in 2004 until today, so I believe most of the material which has been shared there will be available in these comments.

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~*~ Newsletter FAQ

Newsletter; Info & Rules

Categories that the newsletter aspires to cover:

All official news in concerns to the series
Newly posted fanfiction
(not in response to the community challenges)
Newly made fanart
Newly made icons/graphics
(not in response to the community challenges)
Meta about and reviews of the series
(outside the rov_regular community)
A cosplay alert
(newly posted cosplay, cosplay groups, cosplay requests and questions)
A roleplay alert
(new entries with RoV characters, news from the musebox, games searching for RoV casts and anon meme discussions)
Fandom in general
(questions and requests from beru_bara, eventual fandomsecrets, etc.)

Regularity and Information Gathering:

The newsletter is monthly and the mods strive to post on the 1st of every month to this community.
Advertisement may be found in sister communities and other animanga journals to raise awareness and interest. Users are encouraged to cross-post a link back to this community, rov_regular, in their own journals or in other ways share the community newsletter posts with other fans.

Information within the following categories will be “scouted” and managed by the mods -
- official news
- meta/reviews
- roleplay alert
- general fandom

However, all users of the community can – in PMs to the mods – inform of news known to them which they think have been forgotten or ignored and should thus be included in the newsletter.

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~*~ Music Links

RoV Anime OST

Download and Purchase.

Small Collection (12/20) of Anime Soundtrack Songs.

Original Soundtrack from CDJapan.

RoV Takarazuka Music

Official Releases

The Rose of Versailles Song Collection, 1989-2001.

Princess Disc, top musumeyaku song collection.*

The Rose of Versailles - Fersen and Marie Antoinette 2006
- Full Soundtrack
- Theme Song CD
- Piano Sound CD

The Rose of Versailles - Oscar 2006
- Full Soundtrack
- Theme Song CD
- Piano Sound CD

* the Princess Disc features songs from 10 different top musumeyaku actresses' careers, including 2 Rose of Versailles songs; "青きドナウの岸辺/Banks of the Danube" with Shirahane Yuri as Marie Antoinette and "あなたが見えない/I Cannot See You" with Hizuki Hana as the musical-only character Marise, a childhood acquaintance of André.